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Halfworlds 1x5

Episode 5

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Pinung finds herself in a sticky situation with Marni and Sarah rushes to her aid. Just as the cat and mouse game is coming to an end, Barata intervenes and a fight between the two Demit ensues.The search for Barata carries on, with time running out for Tony and Ros. To make matters worse for the duo, they have yet to find the other symbols before they can receive The Gift. Frantic and hungry for power, they hunt down Hasan once again. True to her word of serving Juragan in return for receiving the impending Gift, Marni informs Juragan about Barata’s return and reminds him of the incompetency of Nadia, the Demit who has served Juragan’s family of judges for hundreds of years. Enraged, he dangles the only bait he can use in front of her to continue doing his bidding.
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60m 2016 180 views

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