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High Maintenance - Temporada 2

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Season two delves deeper into the contemporary anxieties New Yorkers are experiencing, from political tension to soaring real estate prices, while emphasizing the importance of savoring the highs of life in this increasingly volatile world. Pulling back the curtain on The Guy’s personal life, this season reveals a few more people and details of what happens when he’s not on the clock.
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High Maintenance - Temporada 2 - 10 Episodios
1Imagen Globo2018
2Imagen Fagin2018
3Imagen Namaste2018
4Imagen Derech2018
5Imagen Scromple2018
6Imagen Googie2018
7Imagen HBD2018
8Imagen Ghost2018
9Imagen #goalz2018
10Imagen Steve2018
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